Texas judge finds no probable cause in case of mom who had COVID-positive son in trunk

Fox News
Fox News
 14 days ago

Cover picture for the articleA Texas judge did not find probable cause for a Houston woman who was charged with endangering her COVID-19-positive son after she transported him in the trunk of her vehicle. Sarah Beam, an English teacher at Cypress Falls High School, allegedly had her son in the trunk to avoid contracting the...

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13d ago

if you can get prosecuted for putting your animals in the trunk she should definitely not get a pass on this one. she's a teacher for christ sakes....

Cheryl Braden
14d ago

lol....remember when you shoved in the trunk as many as you could the drive in movies to save money?c'mon people you know you did!!

14d ago

What if it was a kidnapping and they decided to put someone in the truck and kidnapper tells them oh kid in there cuz of covid. Guess it'll be ok


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