Psaki gets sarcastic on bitter day: White House could aim for 'bunny rabbits and ice cream'

Fox News
Fox News
 14 days ago

Cover picture for the articleWhite House press secretary Jen Psaki deployed a colorful bit of sarcasm Thursday in response to a question regarding the setbacks that continue to pile up for the Biden administration. It was a bitter day for the White House that saw the Supreme Court block President Biden's corporate vaccine...

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14d ago

Ginger needs to come to reality. Her and her boss and the rest of the Socialist band haven’t a CLUE what America 🇺🇸 is all about.

Not Happening
14d ago

Instead they aim for the destruction of the United States and implementation of the Great Reset . Or Treason in other words.

Jim Michael
14d ago

What an analogy “we keep pushing boulders up the hill”. Aside from hoping the Boulder would roll back on this administration (crushing them totally flat), it is about the only think they have successfully done, move a few rocks.


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