'A slap in the face': Nurses told to use vacation and sick days to stay home if they test positive

NBC News
NBC News
 14 days ago

Cover picture for the articleEarly in the pandemic, nurses were celebrated as heroes, with nightly symphonies of clapping or banging pots and pans. Now, many are being asked to go into work despite positive Covid tests — or they say they are being told they must use their vacation and sick days to stay home...

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14d ago

If they come down with covid while working with covid patients they should be covered by workman’s comp. Definitely NOT vacation time!

14d ago

Why would you want to do this to these nurses after what they have done for all of these sick patients? This is the way you thank these vital people. This stinks...

Ruby Brown
14d ago

That's totally ridiculous that should be up under a workers comp claim since it was work related. These people put their lives at risk every day and you're trying to make things harder for them unbelievable.


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