Veterans, families urge administration not to release billions in frozen funds to Iran until terrorism cases are settled

NBC News
NBC News
 14 days ago

Cover picture for the articleU.S. military veterans and their families called on the Biden administration Thursday not to release frozen funds to Iran as part of nuclear negotiations until U.S. victims of terrorist attacks carried out by the Tehran regime or its proxies are compensated. More than 1,000 veterans and family members of...

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Foe Brandon
14d ago

Lol.. oh man the co-Father of ISIS is gonna continue doing Obama's 3rd term even down to making sure Iran gets money.. "Big Guy gets his cut.." ya know

Jack Hook
14d ago

Biden will give them the money just like Obama did.then sell them the uranium to build nukes with just like Obama and Clinton did.facts Biden already sending millions of dollars to Afghanistan everyone knows the Taliban is in control there so the people won't see a penny of the money only the Taliban terrorist will profit from Biden giving them even more.

Kenneth Johnson
14d ago

What is wrong with our government sending money abroad. Take care of you home front first and then if any is left over then they can be considered. Oh pardon me you eountget your cut if you do that will you


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