Jake Gyllenhaal Appears To Have Finally Acknowledged Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well” Rerelease After Receiving A Huge Backlash For His Past Treatment Of Her

Cover picture for the articleNovember 2021 was an exciting time to be a Swiftie. While the rest of the world was going about its business, we were having meltdowns while deep in conspiracy theory videos over Taylor Swift’s Red (Taylor’s version) rerelease, which came out on Nov. 12. Dimitrios Kambouris /...

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Kathy Hyatt

You know I get artist draw from their lives but can we give it a break already. You dated a shallow, celebrity that was too old for you. I’m sure you were jumping at the chance and guess what it didn’t work out. Get over it!

tina bundy

Plus ,he was honest, isn't that what you want in a man ? honesty . Come swift, give a man a chance , you would have hated him either way ,now that I think about it ! You awful person .

Karla Alexander

It seems that she can't write her own songs unless it is about the guys she's dated. I think she might not have respect for herself so she disrespects those she dated. jmo


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