Alleged Concrete Wall Appears to Be Going Up Around The White House [VIDEO]

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Is a concrete wall being constructed around the White House?

Several photos and videos have surfaced on social media that show what appears to be a temporary concrete barrier being erected around the White House.
YouTube via penguinsix

As you may expect, many are questioning why the barrier is being put around the house of the U.S. President.

Some are saying that the U.S. Government is preparing for some type of chaos in the near future, while others note that there are many celebrations coming to D.C in the weeks ahead.

Or, is there an event coming to the lawn of the White House and extra security measures are being taken?
YouTube via penguinsix

Whatever the case may be, we too are curious as to why a temoporay wall would be going up around the White House.

We will continue to follow this developing story. Check back here for more details.

Here’s another view of what is going on around the White House. You can see crews working on the lawn as they prep the barrier.

As you would expect, many on social media have their theory as to why a temporary wall is going up and here are just a few of those theories we can across.

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