Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Had 'Wake-Up Call' Following Prince George's Special Photo

Business Times
Business Times

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry left the British Monarchy in 2020. While numerous things have already happened since the controversial move, talks about the matter persist to develop.
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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex explained that they want to live a more private life outside the Royal Firm. But, despite providing all their reasons before the public, many still have speculations about their decision.

One royal commentator even recently asserted that they had a "wake-up call" after seeing Prince George's photo with Queen Elizabeth II. As claimed, the Sussex Royals realized that they could not become the "superstars of the British Monarchy," leading them to ultimately leave their posts as working royals, according to Express UK.

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Farmgirl Jane

Staying out of the limelight would be easier maybe without books, interviews, and daily news articles being published. Harry was once very popular with people all over the world in a positive way. HE always knew his place in line for the throne so that didn't change. He just fell into following someone else's dream to live in their world and that world isn't where he is supposed to be. How very sad. Meghan wants to be the superstar while he wants to be in the shadows, or so it seems. May they find peace.


Cry babies, leave England because to much publicity and then the come to America just to get it. Always an excuse for their behavior

Nettie Bowie

It’s funny how they say they left the Royal life for a more private one yet they’re always putting themselves in the spotlight! 🤔


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