Bipolar Disorder and the Challenges of Widely Fluctuating Moods

Cover picture for the articleIt's normal to feel emotional when experiencing highs and lows in life. However, people who develop bipolar disorder may experience extreme symptoms that impair their lives and relationships. Education can help loved ones understand bipolar disorder and provide assistance. Everyone experiences emotional highs and lows throughout their lives. When...

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Shawn Ward

when you are bipolar or depression certain moods come with territory like mood swings or you feel like you don't wanna be around anyone or you feel unwanted believe me I know I have depression I felt things like this and its not such a great feeling either and to those who have these emotions knows the feeling and knows what others like them are going through like me


A generation raised on mountain dew, pop-tarts, mcdonald's, and microwave pizza puffs has severe emotional fluctuations and hormonal imbalances due to improper dietary habits. Yet, every single generation that ever came before them, literally ever, was taught what to eat and drink, and when to do so throughout the day, and had none of these same problems. Go figure. Perhaps scruples are the problem.


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