Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Could Miss the Oscars Because of Kristen Stewart

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Cover picture for the articleAssuming that the Oscars are still happening this year, sources close to the afterparties and big events around the awards show say that they expect newly minted California residents Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to make an appearance — but nobody expected a certain Twilight star to put a snag in...

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Eugenie McCurry

Who cares. I use to like Prince Harry, but since his marriage to Meghan he’s just not royalty material. They stoop to new lows in my opinion.

Charlie Biggar

It does not matter who played Diana, I think Harry was always never going to like them. He appears to be getting really negative about things the longer he is married to Megan. Use to really like him but not so much anymore- it appears he wants his cake and eat it too.

Pretty Feet

I don't think Kristen Stewart has anything to do with the Markles not going to the Oscars! Markle wouldn't let anyone stand in her way for fame! They are the private jokes that celebrities talk about at parties! I don't believe they are even invited to the Oscars and are trying to save face! Markle has tried to be the secret guest by popping in to video chat. I don't see any directors, producers or even her "good friend" Tyler Perry knocking her and Harry's door!! They've done nothing for Netflix or Spotify. They've been in California for 2yrs now!!


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