Donald Trump Abruptly Ends NPR Interview When Asked About False Election Claims

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Trump hung up on host Steve Inskeep nine minutes into what NPR said was scheduled to be a 15-minute...

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Deborah Profe

And there he goes again, name calling, temper tantrums, and lies!!!. He likes to bring up Biden's withdrawal from Afghanistan neglecting to tell Americans that US-Taliban deal was set by Donald Trump. Leaving the New administration his mess to clean up.

Harry Bayes

If the RNC had any balls (and brains) they would say they are not going to support any Republicans that continue to support, and discuss, the "big lie" because continuing to do so just miles the party in "yesterday's news" and detracts from what their platform is going to be. That is, if they are even going to have a platform, or are they going to allow Trump to go with his suicidal " no platform" platform? I mean, WTF does the Republican party even stand for anymore that's going to help the country move forward and retain it's worldwide leadership position, or are they going to allow Trump to run the party into the ground like most of his businesses? As a Democrat, I hope they do. As an American, I hope they don't!

Viva Satire !

Former President Trump then reportedly threw his cellphone across the room, and fired a Mar-a-Lago employee to feel better.


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