Clay Aiken Slams 'Sickly Demented' Donald Trump, Says Ex-President Has 'Psychiatric' Issues

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The singer and political candidate has launched a scathing attack on Trump, with whom he appeared on "The Celebrity Apprentice" in...

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Johnny Showgoer

Trump is a Nutty Fruitcake. Pretty funny watching him collapse into the failure that he is. The walls are closing in on him really fast. 2022 is going to be an awesome year, not for him, but for America and the Rest of the world, when they watch him get arrested for crimes against democracy. The best part is its all his fault. Happy New Year!

Loretta Burton

Trump can't take a loss like a real man an people don't think that's normal? Look at how he has temper tantrum like a little kid when he can't have his way. An the name calling This is suppose to be a grown man

David Baines Valley Sr.

I have warned people of trumps mental state for years no one wants to listen, people who are as mentally sick such as trump will be prescribed medication but will refuse to take their medication, we see this play out on a daily basis with mental patients committing all sorts of horrendous acts of violence, we see these traits in trump and all his followers, people the facts proves we are a nation filled with mentality ill people facts don’t lie people lie


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