‘She’s just my stepmom.’ I wasn’t on the daycare list. I’m left off emails because I’m not a ‘primary’ parent.’: Woman navigates blended family life, ‘I’m more than JUST a stepmom’

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Alise Faccio

rant... I'm not a step parent but I have been a guardian to my little cousin for 4 years now. the parents dropped him off and never looked back. you would not believe how difficult it is just to go to the doctors. you need all kinds of paper work to prove who you are and they still call the guardian at lightum to confirm. adoption seems just about impossible due to cos is not involved the courts took and placed our little man so there is no way to terminate legally his parent to open adoption. we also get no help from parents or the state not even child support. it's very hard and trying at times but keep pushing thru is all we can do

Chris Baker

That is an awesome story. My wife has kind of been in this situation with our son. We have two more together. My wife however stepped up from the beginning and is a wonderful mom to my first son. She gets along with my ex, we do parties together, make sure he has gifts for her on holidays. Working together for the child is the key. Love this story.


Step-Mom … did it and never again. Too much drama, hidden agendas, lies, secrets, jealousy, etc., and this was during the good times. 😳NEVER AGAIN!!


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