Kanye West’s Girlfriend Julia Fox and Kim Kardashian Have Major Style Differences

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Kim Kardashian and Julia Fox are two of the most-watched figures in pop culture right now. Though both have affiliated fashion transformations with the rapper Kanye West, their styles largely differ.

After Fox’s burst onto the fashion circuit in 2019, the actress largely favors versatile pieces on the red carpet. Her ensembles often include midi-length dresses with silky textures or sequins, paired almost exclusively with black pointed-toe pumps. Occasionally, she’ll branch out in pointed-toe boots in a similar tone. She’s also been seen in midi skirts paired with bodysuits and turtlenecks, creating a contrasting effect.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Kardashian’s ensembles are more streamlined. The former “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star has nearly exclusively worn single-tone Balenciaga outfits in recent months, ranging from head-covered bodysuits to gowns. During public appearances, Kardashian’s also been spotted exclusively in pointed-toe stiletto boots with pant or legging-like uppers, also by the French luxury brand.

One of the key differences in Kardashian and Fox’s personal style is brand loyalty. Fox is newer to the fashion world, and has almost exclusively been seen on the red carpet in either black dresses, a lace catsuit or the occasional embellished separates. These hail from a range of brands, including Paco Rabanne, Alexander Wang and Jean Paul Gaultier.

Contrastingly, Kardashian often remains loyal to wearing one brand either exclusively or frequently over a period of time before changing her look. Near the start of her fame, Kardashian’s style was more eclectic but primarily featured pieces by Herve Leger. Over the last decade, however, she’s become known for her tight affiliations to specific brands at specific times in her life—namely, Balmain, Givenchy and Balenciaga.

Kardashian also prefers a streamlined element to most of her looks, opting for a single tone throughout—though, occasionally, this has been swapped for a bold element like embellished or brightly colored outerwear or footwear. In the past, she’s also proven adept at wearing a wide range of colors, silhouettes and textures that all feel unique to her own sense of style.

Though it remains to be seen, Fox hasn’t yet branched out of neutrals or jewel tones yet, save for a mint green and tan outfit worn to the 2021 CFDA Awards in New York City. Additionally, she’s only recently started streamlining her looks in single tones—if her recent Carbone date look with West is any indication towards the future, that is. Previously, Fox was almost exclusively seen on the red carpet, and usually wore midi-length dresses in dark tones with black pumps. Though the combinations pair smoothly together, they don’t create a the same lengthened, streamlined effect.

When it comes to shoes, the difference in the two stars’ styles is the most notable. Though Kardashian’s only recently solely worn Balenciaga boots for public outings, she’s worn a wide range of footwear on and off the red carpet for years. Pointed-toe, platform and round-toe pumps, ankle-wrapped and PVC sandals and open-toed booties are just a handf

Fox, as previously mentioned, almost exclusively wears pointed-toe pumps when she’s been seen in public. The actress opts for either plain or lightly embellished black pumps by Christian Louboutin, Dior and Manolo Blahnik. On the rare occasion these aren’t worn, she’s also been seen in white pointed-toe pumps with crystal straps and black pointed-toe boots.

Click through the gallery to see Kardashian’s riskiest style moments over the years.

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