Ginger Zee's fans in tears after husband's emotional statement about her

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Cover picture for the articleGinger Zee has the unwavering support of her husband, Ben Aaron, and his latest message about her brought some fans to tears. The GMA meteorologist just released her new book, A Little Closer to Home, in which she opens up further about her battle with mental health. Ben is...

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stuckinthe 70s

I charge 5 cents an hour. With open eyes look back on the moment you lost your innocence. Was it beautiful or ugly. If ugly you can take all kind of paths. Self destruction, become a lesbian, wallow in self pity. Or take the attitude whatever does not kill you makes you stronger. Sorry you have to confront that moment to figure what's ailing you. After you do breathe in breathe and. Look around at your Legacy. That being Ben and the kids. Good luck!

Mary Macias-Cox

Transparency with mental health is pivotal for living with the illness. The unconditional support of a spouse, family and/or friends makes the journey less lonely and scary. Sharing one's personal account brings peace, strength and gives hope to others. Never feel shame in asking for help. Thank you Ginger for sharing your story, I am sure you touched many lives and encouraged just one person to seek help then your book was worth it

Jennie Luna

Mental health is definitely a serious illness .Praying for all and everyone who are dealing with this! 🙏


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