Prince William Fury: Duke 'All Over The Place' After Meghan Markle Took A Swipe At Kate Middleton? Royal Reportedly Didn’t Want To Attend Princess Diana Statue Unveiling With Prince Harry

Cover picture for the articlePrince William was reportedly "reeling" after learning about Meghan Markle's bombshell interview. Prince William, together with Kate Middleton, has been maintaining a strong front amid all the issues and controversies hounding the royal family. As a matter of fact, the father of Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis was named...

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Hollis Suzzanne Smyer

the simple truth is, Katherine is 100% lady and queen material. Megan is so far below Katherine class and karma she isn't worth of a royal title at all. blessings and light to Harry and sincere hopes he sees her for what she is and takes his children and returns to rhe UK. THE ONLY REASON HE OR THE CHILDREN WOULD BE IN ANY DANGER at all is because of the world's deep dislike of Megan markle

Jean Blount Boyer

so was Princess Diana... they both know the drama in the castle , cheating, lying. restrains and unimaginable control ... that's why she died, trying to get away from it all. she was beautiful and she too, told it all ... remember this "there are 3 people in our marriage " that's when Camilla was exposed ... people are confused and turn things to their liking

Eileen Albert

"Let anyone of you who is without sin, cast the first stone." John 8:7. God knows all we do not need to judge, we all have enough with our own lives!


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