How do we know Trump’s election fraud claims are bogus? Take a look at Pennsylvania.

Washington Post

Cover picture for the articleFormer president Donald Trump, like a tone-deaf musician, used the anniversary of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot last week to once again allege, without evidence, that the 2020 election was rigged. “Look at the numbers,” he told his followers, “they speak for themselves.”. Opinions to start...

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Jeremy Hennick

so the turnout didn't match up but could the democrats change the vote at the machine come on ...look how trump filled stadiums and Biden couldn't fill an elementary classroom that tells it all ...

Susan Middleton Stanifer

Why all the mail in votes? why were they not counted in regular time? Why were they brought in in the middle of the night? Why were they not mailed to the county clerks in the county they live in?? Too many WHYS...Should NEVER be that many questions.

Elizabeth Meyer

Or we can realize that America has very strong Regulations for our elections actions number one being that they are run by the American people. When anyone goes to vote their ID is checked by 2 people those same 2 people checked the registry to make sure that person is registered. Those 2 people are comprised of one Democrat and 1 Republican always . And they must agree on what they are seeing and guess what they do America you American citizens have integrity it's our politicians who don't and our politicians are trying to make the election About them but it's not it's about the American peothe American people all trump could do was dismantle sorting machines tell postal workers not to deliver ballots take away ballot dropboxes Tell Pole workers to stop counting the votes. But there was no outcry from a single polling site other than outside the site I'd the site where trump riled up people who don't know that the elections in the United States of America are run by the American peopl


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