There’s a Really Cute Reason Why Dogs Follow You to The Bathroom

Cover picture for the articleYou’re trying to get a few seconds of peace and quiet while you’re on the porcelain throne, but suddenly you feel something soft and furry at your feet. Now it’s licking your leg. Yep, that’s Lassie curling up in your pants. And while you love your dog to bits, the behavior...

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Benji Jennings

i had a puppy while back would do that and I thought that he would stop on his own. he didn't. I lived with it. Actually after it became comforting. I thought everyone's did. Some great conversations.e second dog didn't do this, so I thought okay I have a normal dog. we adopted a beautiful Belgium Shepard that was abused. he did not go to the potty room we then said ok, this is after about 2 & 1/2 weeks go by my Shepard dicided to see what goes on in the little room where everyone goes in and shuts the door. Now when I go into the little room my Border Collie and Shepard all go together .


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