‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Faces Backlash For Not Wanting His Wives To Share A Kitchen

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Fans of ‘Sister Wives’ were not happy with Kody Brown’s reaction to Meri and Robyn cooking Thanksgiving dinner together on the show’s Jan. 9 episode.

The Brown family was separated for Thanksgiving on the Jan. 9 episode of Sister Wives, but Kody Brown was still able to spend the holiday with two of his wives, Robyn Brown and Meri Brown, as they agreed to follow his COVID safety guidelines. Robyn and Meri spent the day preparing a meal for the small group that had gathered together, which including Robyn and Kody’s kids. However, Kody was not happy to see the two women working together in the kitchen.

“I would never again for the rest of my life want to have wives sharing a kitchen,” he said. “There is a tendency, from what I’ve seen, for there to be this vying for power or position or relinquishing power and position to get along. So personally I, out of just knowing women’s nature, I don’t give a damn about what polygamists believe about what you should do with wives to make them grow and become celestial. I never want to see my wives sharing a kitchen, ever.”

As the episode aired, Twitter blew up at Kody for his misogynistic viewpoint. “Kody just said he never wants to see his wives sharing a kitchen EVER. This man needs to go straight to hell and don’t look back,” one person wrote. Someone else added, “Kody thinks he can dictate kitchen use? How do you spell control freak…K-O-D-Y,” and another viewer wrote, “When Kody said he never wanted to see his wives sharing a kitchen EVER my middle finger went up almost immediately.”
Kody Brown with Meri, Robyn, Christine and Janelle Brown. (Puddle Monkey Prods/Kobal/Shutterstock)

Meanwhile, Meri and Robyn actually had no issues working together in the kitchen. “I’m really comfortable here with Robyn in her kitchen,” Meri admitted. Robyn added, “Meri and I actually work really well in a kitchen together. I don’t know how it would be if we lived together and shared a kitchen, but when we work together for the holiday,s we actually work really well together.”

While Meri and Robyn spent Thanksgiving with Kody in Arizona, Janelle Brown and Christine Brown traveled to separate family members’ homes for the holiday. Both Janelle and Christine have expressed that they think Kody’s COVID safety rules are “ridiculous” throughout this season of Sister Wives. They have opted to spend time with their adult children, as opposed to Kody, due to his strict guidelines.

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I would like to slap the smug off his and Robin's faces. I think it takes a woman with NO self respect or value to live in this cult.

Happy cat

The fact that Kody wants nothing to do with Meri is the real reason why he said such an asinine comment. If it was Janelle or even Christine in the kitchen with Robyn then I'm sure he would of enjoyed that🙄

Pat Woods

The only one fighting for power is Kody because he is the losing the power over these woman. The woman are finally seeing it as not being all about Kody. Robin and Meri are the only two who want to be with Kody. Kody once again admits he is not married to Meri and she is not his wife. Why would she still stand by him? Meri needs to move by her daughter. Get away from all of them. Meri is never going to have a relationship with Kody again. So she needs to pick herself up and move close to her daughter and make a new life for herself. I do not know how she can not be hurt by Kody saying on TV over and over again that there is nothing between him and Meri. He keeps throwing up the cat fishing incident.


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