Meghan Markle To Allegedly 'Star As Ringmaster' In Prince Andrew's Case

Business Times
Business Times

The controversies surrounding Prince Andrew have continued to develop these past few years. Things have even taken a shocking turn in the last few weeks after reports of Meghan Markle potentially testifying in the lawsuit have made headlines.
Meghan MarkleReuters

Palace insiders recently spilled new information about the matter with Globe for its new and upcoming issue. As claimed, the former actress's inclusion into the legal battle "terrifies" the Duke of York as this may cause the sealing of his fate.

The Duchess of Sussex talking to the plaintiff's legal team is reportedly the last thing he needs. This came as Prince Harry's wife is said to have already proven that she is a "loose cannon."

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aradnurse 53

Why would they call HER to testify? She hardly knows him. Did she spend that much time in his company, that she could vouch for his character? I think this is fake news.

Kathryn Robison

She remains trash with no interest in making herself human. I believe she is mentally off her rocker - right along with her husband. The Queen does not deserve her, Harry nor Andrew in her life. NO ONE DOES !

Jacenta Button

She really needs to watch herself same that happened to Diane she needs to take her little family and blow like the wind


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