Alec Baldwin Breaks Silence on 'Rust' Shooting Again in Raw Instagram Video


Cover picture for the articleAlec Baldwin made clear that he is complying and cooperating with investigators in the wake of the tragic shooting on the set of Rust. Baldwin was a producer and actor in the film, reportedly holding the firearm that went off on set, ending the life of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins....

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Bob Fortini

Loved the headline " Breaks Silence " he hasn't shut up about it. He's given more interviews trying to proclaim his innocence. Yet he stalls on handing over his cell phone. Hey Alex if your really innocent hand it over.

Colt .45

The best way we can honor the victim is to find the truth?! Well you admitted you were holding the weapon. It was in your possession IE your responsibility. You said you would never aim a gun at anyone, if true then how did the victim get shot? It wasn’t a ricocheted bullet! The only way a single action colt fires is if you pull back the hammer and pull the trigger, one bullet will fire! Sorry sounds at least like involuntary manslaughter to me, but that’s me not a liberal judge!


Arrest this man now! If that were you or me the average Joe we would have been locked up from day one. He pulled the trigger for no reason, end of story. Guns don’t kill people, people do.


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