Woman tested positive on Covid-19 and decided to hang out with friends, infected her fully vaccinated elderly friend who later died of the virus

The Charleston Press
The Charleston Press
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United States is seeing record high Covid-19 numbers as we entered the new year with Omicron officially becoming the dominant variant in almost every single state across the country. Many schools were forced to switch to virtual learning once again, while others are enforcing mask mandates for students, teachers and staff...

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Theresa Howard

Fully vaccinated people can still get Covid but not as severe.! Not anywhere is it written that you can get fully vaccinated and you will not get Covid that is not true. Go back to school and learn how to read. But she’s a real sweetheart by having Covid and going to a family party and spreading the germ. She should’ve been the one ending up in the hospital and not that poor old lady dying. Prayers go out to the ladies family.

God Bless America

With HIV, they charged people with attempted murder. So in this case, since she hid her illness, she should be held accountable.

Love or Evil

So let me get this straight... you're fake "Vaccinated" and then you test positive from a test that does NOT test for a Virus and somehow its the "unvaccinated" fault 🤦‍♂️


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