Alec Baldwin Looks Worse For Wear While Picking Up Gifts For Wife Hilaria's Birthday Amid Ongoing 'Rust' Shooting Aftermath: Photos

Ok Magazine

Cover picture for the articleAlec Baldwin has seen better days. The 63-year-old — who is still dealing with the fallout from the fatal October shooting on the Rust film set — was spotted looking rundown while heading into his New York City apartment. The 30 Rock alum was photographed on Thursday,...

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Debbie Ball

Someone PLEASE Tell me what he Did was not WORSE than Kim Potter accidently firing a gun instead of a Tasor!!!??? This is by Far MORE CULPABLE....Why wasn't he Arrested Immediately? Don't bother...we all know why!!!

NormKara Evans

His wife needs to stop acting like he’s innocent, if any actor uses weapons in a movie, they should have to go through gun safety course. But because he thinks he is privileged he doesn’t think he should be blamed for this. What a piece of $hit. Arrest him already.

me from ct

He shout two people plane and simple you never point a gun loaded or unloaded gun at anyone unless you intended to use it and stop playing the blame game it doesn’t matter who gave you the gun any reasonable person would of looked at the gun to make sure it was safe


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