'Sister Wives' Star Janelle Brown's Son Garrison Purchases New Arizona Home For $329K After Dad Kody Suggests Kicking Him Out

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Moving out and moving on!

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Janelle Brown's son Garrison is taking matters into his own hands regarding his living situation.

As reported by The Sun, the 23-year-old recently purchased a new home in Flagstaff, Ariz., to get out from under his father Kody Brown's strict COVID-19 rules.

After Janelle got into a heated argument with Kody over his over-the-top COVID-19 restrictions during a recent episode of Sister Wives, the famous patriarch threatened to kick out the pair's sons for their unwillingness to comply with the rules.
Source: @robertthebrown/Instagram

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While Janelle insisted Garrison was trying to save up to buy his own place at the time, she explained he wasn't financially ready to move out yet. But now, Garrison has reportedly taken out a $336k loan to purchase the new pad for $329k.

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According to the outlet, the new two story home — which features four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a fenced-in courtyard — will take Garrison 30 years to pay off the debt in full.

The property is said to be a 20 minute drive away from Kody's house, although it's unclear how often he will be able to see his father because of his intense COVID-19 protocols.

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Kody, 52, previously criticized his wife Janelle for allowing their sons to attend social events during the pandemic, insisting that they should move out if they didn't want to follow the rules.

At the start of the holiday season, Kody and Janelle butted heads over the safety restrictions after the 52-year-old mom insisted her boys should be allowed to have a social life.

"I'm making all these sacrifices and I'm asking everybody else to simply meet that level of sacrifice so that the family can exist," Kody stated in the latest Sister Wives episode, per People.

Janelle's son Gabriel reportedly expressed in the episode how "tired" he was of his dad's "stupid games," insisting Kody was acting like "a child," and needs to "figure out how to not tear apart his family over something so stupid."

Janelle's sons ultimately refused to spend Thanksgiving with their father. And while Kody claimed he would "respect" everyone's decisions about the holidays, he suggested his children and wives "consider a much bigger picture" when it comes to their non-traditional family.

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"No guilt trip, just a little prick to your conscious and you guys decide what you do," he told his wives, per the outlet. "I'm not going to tell this family how they do it. I am going to lead the way that I think is the right way."
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Janelle then insisted she had a "clear conscience" about her decision and had no room for the "guilt trip" her husband was trying to enact. By the end of the heated conversation, Janelle reportedly stormed out, telling Kody to "f**k off."

"I'm between a rock and a hard place here," Janelle later told the cameras in a confessional interview, per the outlet. "I'm having to make sure my kids are mentally well, I'm giving them the best chance. And then I'm having to choose these rules that the family has, which aren't very different from my rules. I'm stuck. I'm stuck here and I don't want to spend Thanksgiving alone. My family's all being quarantined, I'm not being dangerous here."

She also insisted her husband was being "condescending" toward her and acting as if she was making "irresponsible decisions" in the midst of the pandemic. "It's frustrating to me that he's trying to make it sound like I'm all these horrible things."

Sister Wives airs Sundays (10 p.m. ET) on TLC.

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Getting away from this creep is the best thing these women can do for themselves & their kids. I think the kids have their father figured out & know he is just a weak man that feels like a big man because he controls these women!


Maybe he’ll learn what a real marriage is all about ! What it’s not 5 women for one man with children with each women that he can’t take care of ….

Karen Corsello

Congratulations Garrison ! Let's remember this young man signed up for the Marines. So he learned alot about responsibility. So he saved his military pay plus what he earned since being a private citizen. That would be a good down payment. He could also apply for a VA loan. He does have a job. Garrison is more responsible then his dad Kody. The older grown kids can see right threw Kody and what he stands for. That's why they move away and are all into not living the plural lifestyle.


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