The Late Late Show Cancels Remaining Shows After James Corden Tests Positive for COVID-19


Cover picture for the articleThe Late Late Show with James Corden has cancelled a number of upcoming shows, after host James Corden has revealed that he tested positive for COVID-19. The news was broken by Corden on social media on Thursday, with him revealing that he is "fully vaccinated, boosted, and because of this [is]...

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Robert Hunter

They couldn't get a guest host? Even Johnny had guest hosts and nobody seemed to mind. What ever happened to "The show must go on"? Or is that just for the professionals. jk, I do like James and I hope he gets better, but seriously, no available substitute? They didn't think anything would ever happen that would cause an absence? They didn't think "What would we do if he were in an accident or got sick or abducted by aliens?" Sounds pretty shortsighted, or stupidly optimistic 🤔.


hmmm... makes you think when these people are "fully vaccinated" with 20 boosters they still get sick. Funny thing is a long time ago, we were all vaccinated for polio and measles, but none of us get it, nor do we need booster after booster. That tells you something right there. IT DON'T WORK!!! 🙄 Who watches this crap anyway!?


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