Kate Middleton Shock: Prince William’s Wife Convinced Queen Elizabeth To Move To Kensington Palace? Duchess Wants To Look After The Monarch

Cover picture for the articleKate Middleton allegedly advised Queen Elizabeth to move in with her family in Kensington Palace. Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth are, reportedly, very close. In fact, the two female royals have so much respect for each other. And the monarch also sees Middleton as one of her strongest and most reliable...

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Kathy Arnold

This is great. Kate is doing the right thing. The queen will be taken care of and her family can see to her getting the best care possible. It looks to me like Kate had a good upbringing and everyone should think of their parents and grand parents. She has a good heart.


this a good thing. the gueen is still mourning and in her late 90"s. I'm glad Kate was brought up right. to think about caring for her elders. even if it's the queen .

Vicki Henry

I love that she appreciates how being close with their family will do wonders for all. I'm envious of her offer nothing could make me happier than to share my life with their future I know I'd feel alot more peaceful when I think about dying I get in a very dark mood but as soon as I see my grandkids I never want to be apart.I think the queen is so lucky I hope you all live happy ever after


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