A woman received notes back after circling her husband’s moles before his dermatologist appointment

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A woman has amused viewers after revealing she circled all the moles on her husband’s back before sending him to the dermatologist , and that his doctor then left a few messages for her in response.

In a TikTok video posted in November, Brinlee Miles showed photos of her husband, Ryan Miles, in which she had circled the moles on his chest and back.

“This is how I sent my husband to the dermatologist,” the text over the start of the video reads. The clip then continued with Ryan returning and holding a doctor’s note as he walked through the door, with the text over it reading: “And this is how she sent him back lol.”

Ryan then removed his shirt to show the doctor’s responses to his moles. Out of the six, two of them were labelled “took to test” by Ryan’s dermatologist, while the other four had the word “good” written next to them in marker.

“​​Big thank you to our dr,” Brinlee wrote in the caption.

The video has since been viewed more than 11.1m times, with viewers expressing their amusement over the tactic and applauding Brinlee for circling the moles. “Honestly, if my wife did this to me it would save me so much unnecessary banter with the doc,” one person said.

Another wrote: “Thanks for the idea girl!”


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However, others criticised the video, with some claiming that Brinlee was treating her husband like a “child”.

“Bestie, it’s your husband not your son,” one person wrote, while another said: “Nobody taught him how to do things independently or?”

In response to the criticism, viewers defended Brinlee, with someone else writing: “This is actually sweet, he’s not a child, this is his health, and she cares so much.”

A doctor also noted in the comments how common it is for women to circle their husbands’ moles for them. “I work in derm and you’d be surprised by how many women send their husbands covered in circles,” they wrote, while another dermatologist added: “I love this! Dermatologist here! True love is taking care of your partner.”

In a follow-up video posted on 12 December, Brinlee and Ryan shared an update on the moles that were biopsied. According to the couple, overall it was “pretty good news,” however, one of the moles was cancerous but didn’t need to be removed right away.


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“The one on my back shoulder isn’t cancerous, but we need to just keep checking on it every six months,” Ryan said. “And then the one on my chest does have cancerous cells, so I do need to get the one removed, but it’s nothing urgent. So, just in the future.”

While speaking to BuzzFeed about the viral video on 5 January, Brinlee explained the thought process that went into her decision to circle her husband’s moles ahead of his doctor appointment.

“We had been watching some spots on him previously, so I had just circled the ones we were worried about to see if the doctor was concerned about those spots as well...especially the ones on his back that he couldn’t see very well to point out,” she said.

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As noted by WebMD , there are many factors to keep in mind before going to get a mole checked by a doctor. For example, if you have developed new moles or there’s a history of melanoma in your family, you “should examine your body once a month”.

Changes in your moles, such as if they “bleed, ooze, itch, appear scaly, or become tender or painful,” should also be looked at by your dermatologist.

The Independent has contacted Brinlee for a comment.

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Melanie Jarboe

My nephew, who has had skin cancer, the doctor asks his wife to check his back often and expects her to tell him if she finds anything concerning. It isn't treating your husband like a child it is helping him and being what she should be, a partner!

Sandy Press

you know what. let's support love and devotion. I'm all for it. of course he's not a child. very cute 😍

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sometimes ladies you have to treat us like your son to keep us in check, kudos out to all the women that helps their man, keep us healthy and we will protect you with our lives 👍


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