Jennifer Garner Allegedly Thinks Ben Affleck Is Disgusting, Confides With Friends About Actor’s Scary Drinking Problems

Entertainment Times
Entertainment Times

Jennifer Garner is still not over what Ben Affleck said about her during one of his latest interviews.
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In its Jan. 10 issue, Life & Style claimed that Garner is so offended by what her ex-husband said about her being the cause of his drinking problems. So, Garner allegedly rushed to her friends for support and comfort.

During Garner’s conversation with her friends, she allegedly told them what it was really like dealing with Affleck’s drinking problems.

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Judy Esposito

still playing the blame game Ben. you drank because you wanted too. how many times in rehab. that's first think they teach you. get over yourself boy. dry out for the kids at least

Eric Brakke

Ben has a horrible drug problem alcohol problem gambling problem hes done nothing to alleviate that so he will fall back into his old habit soon enough

Debbe Hardymon May

She isn't the cause of his drinking problem. She and their children are the victims of it.


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