'Trump in heels' Amanda Chase discontinues congressional run after redistricting

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The Hill

Conservative Virginia state Sen. Amanda Chase (R) announced on Monday that she will not run for Congress this year as a result of redistricting.

Virginia's new congressional map, which was approved by the commonwealth's Supreme Court last week, moved Chase's current residence from the 7th Congressional District to the 1st, which is currently represented by GOP Rep. Rob Wittman .

"I will not challenge a Republican representative who is doing a good job representing the people of their district. I no longer live in the 7th Congressional District, which was represented by Democrat Abigail Spanberger ," Chase, who has previously described herself as "Trump in heels," said in a statement.

"With that, I plan to finish my 2 years in the Senate of Virginia and discontinue my run for Congress as it is already represented by Republican Rob Wittman," she continued.

The newly drawn 7th District no longer includes various Richmond area suburbs that made up Rep. Abigail Spanberger's (D-Va.) base, and instead extends from Caroline County to Madison County, including Fredericksburg and Dale City. Many of the Richmond-area suburbs that used to be in the 7th District are now in the 1st.

Prior to redistricting, Chase was one of several Republicans in the party's primary to challenge Spanberger in the 7th District. Republican Taylor Keeney also announced last week that she was dropping out of the race.

Virginia state Sen. Bryce Reeves (R), meanwhile, said last week he still intends to run in the district.

Spanberger announced last week that she will run for reelection in the 7th.

“Nearly 200,000 Virginians in the new Seventh District have already been my constituents under the current district lines, and I look forward to continuing my service representing them as well as my future constituents,” Spanberger said.

The nonpartisan Cook Political Report rates the race as "lean Democratic."

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Roy Dalrymple

why because you actually have to work to get elected you can't tell your lies anymore and get elected Good and if you're for Trump backing Trump they don't need you for their Congress person

Jon Poklop

What Republican is doing a good job representing the needs of their district? They don't propose any legislation and vote against everything including their own amendments.

Viva Satire !

Reportedly during his College Years, Former President Trump wore heels in order to help fake his bone spurs for Service Exemption.


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