Betty White’s Cause of Death Revealed
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Just days after the news that Hollywood icon Betty White passed away at the age of 99, the late actress’ cause of death has officially been revealed. According to People, Betty White’s agent and longtime friend, Jeff Witjas revealed that the actress died peacefully in her sleep at her home on...

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Karen Wilson

No conspiracy here. She was right at 100, was active, had her mind, no health problems, wasn't in a wheelchair & enjoyed her life to the fullest. She went to sleep & her soul walked on. She touched generations & not many actors has had as much legacy as she had. Celebrate her life & don't dwell on her death.

Roni Kissell

Rest in heaven sweet lady. She made so many smile and brang joy to others. She will be greatly missed by many generations. truly a golden girl.

Theresa McClure

I heard she wrecked her Harley doing stunts........her parachute didn't open when she jumped.........she got some bad junk from her dealer........J.K.Betty White was a treasure and will be missed by so many. You know she was truly loved when people are sad to hear of her passing and she was 99. Rest in Peace golden girl, you fans miss you.


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