Phone calls for Aryan Brotherhood member weren’t private at California prison, lawyers say

San Luis Obispo Tribune

Cover picture for the articleLawyers for Aryan Brotherhood defendant Brant Daniel have been trying for a year now to get their client moved out of California State Prison, Sacramento, alleging his life is in danger, that guards at the troubled prison have threatened to kill him and that his supposedly confidential legal conversations and mail...

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Grade A Lee

Let me.try and get this rightt!! His phone Calls are being monitored? Ok what is the problem? Isn't that the norm in a place called.PRISON!!! Oh well dont go to jail if you want privacy!!! Those days are over!!!

pot stirring

There is no such thing as privacy in prison, nor should there be. And the corrections department isn’t doing their jobs. If they did, there wouldn’t be any such thing as prison gangs.

Zachary Couvson

the FBI are monitoring because sometimes the attorney is involved passing notes they do more dirt than anybody the attorney can call anybody out cuz her subpoena anybody to court and he's al subpoenas five or six gang members to the same court to the same jail where they can meet up and have their little meetings


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