Dr. Fauci Said the U.S. May Propose Terminating Covid Isolation if a Person Has Tested Negative for the Virus After Five Days

Cover picture for the articleAccording to Dr. Anthony Fauci, a leading infectious disease specialist in the United States, the US is contemplating proposing that people who have been exposed to Covid stop being isolated after five days if they have tested negative for the virus. The change might come after the Centers for...

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Hanifah Ibrahim

so we went from 14 to 10 to 7 now 5 days and back to work for this same deadly virus. why?? does this guy get to play with the American people like this. and with no consequences

Lisa North

Stop Testing!! The PCR so called test gives a 90%False\Positive. That means: IT DOESN'T WORK. Why would you take a test that's been proven Not to work? Until people Stop Complying to Fake Tests, to wearing masks that have proven Not to work & to cause Neurological & Pulmonary problems, & to taking an EXPERIMENTAL GENE THERAPY, that's Not Been FDA APPROVED, but has caused Hundreds of Thousands Side Effects & Deaths, Why would you Comply?? This was Never about Health & Safety, but instead; A Money Grab & Emergency Powers to Destroy America.


And if you will notice, just a FEW weeks earlier, Fauci and the so called “experts” were telling us that it is COMMON to test positive for Covid for up to 3 months after recovery. This is just a last ditch effort for control now that the virus has hopefully mutated down to Omicron and will be like the flu in global severity.


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