The Year in Whoppers: Biden’s false assurance, Kamala’s cluelessness and more

New York Post
New York Post
President Joe Biden and many others contributed plenty of whoppers in 2021. NY Post composite / istock/ Getty Images

Throughout 2021, the media, President Biden, his staff and numerous other top figures deluged audiences with radically misleading, revealing and flat-out wrong statements. Herewith is a look at some of the year’s worst.

This assurance

“There’s going to be no circumstances where you’re going to see people being lifted off the roof of an embassy of the United States from Afghanistan.” — President Biden, July 8
A US military helicopter flying over the US embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan on August 15, 2021 after the Taliban’s takeover.
Vietnamese evacuees being helped into a helicopter in Saigon near the US Embassy.

We say: Oops. The similarities between the evacuation of the US embassy in Saigon, Vietnam, after the city fell in 1975 and events in Afghanistan in August were as eerie as they were tragic.

This statement

“We’re actually seeing a decline in homicides and shootings.” — Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, July 25
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot claimed at one point this year that her city was seeing a decline in homicides and shootings.

We say: When Lightfoot made that preposterous claim, the more than 300 murders in Chicago were already higher than they’d been to that point in any year for a decade. This month, they topped 800, the most in more than a quarter-century.

This metaphor

“This is Jim Crow in the 21st Century.” — President Biden, March 26, referring to a new election law in Georgia
President Biden called Georgia’s election law a new form of “Jim Crow.”

We say: Biden was suggesting that Georgia, and other states that amended their voting laws, had sought to disenfranchise black voters and revive segregation. Worse, he later called the changes the “most serious test of our democracy since the Civil War.” Ugly stuff. In fact, most of the changes merely addressed voter fraud and in some cases, as in Georgia, actually expanded access to voting.

This claim

“Attacks on me quite frankly are attacks on science.” — Dr. Anthony Fauci, June 9
Dr. Anthony Fauci suggested that any criticism against him is actually criticism of science.

We say: Fauci has used versions of this line often to imply that he’s got a monopoly on COVID science and there can be no debate. Even though he’s flip-flopped on numerous issues. The arrogance is beyond stunning.

Spot the difference

“Anyone who is responsible for that many [COVID] deaths should not remain as president of the United States of America.” — Then-candidate Joe Biden, Oct. 22, 2020

“Look, there is no federal solution. This gets solved at a state level.” — President Biden, Dec. 27, 2021
As a presidential candidate, Biden slammed former President Donald Trump’s handling of the pandemic.

We say: Back when Donald Trump was president and head of the federal government, Biden held him responsible for the deaths caused by the coronavirus. Yet now that Biden’s in charge and America has seen more COVID deaths on his watch than on Trump’s, suddenly there’s “no federal solution” — it’s up to the states to solve this, so don’t blame Biden. Convenient, no?

We say: Teachers-union boss Randi Weingarten doesn’t want to be blamed for pushing schools to stay closed even after scientists said it was safe to open them. But the fact is, she and teachers unions across the nation did fight, often successfully, for endless closures that took a huge toll on kids.

This response

“It is obviously about what we need to do in the climate crisis.” — Vice President Kamala Harris, Dec. 26, when asked what she saw as “the biggest national-security challenge confronting the US”
Vice President Kamala Harris called the “climate crisis” the nation’s biggest security threat.

We say: China and Russia are striking US satellites, launching cyberattacks on US entities, threatening neighbors and building dangerous new weapons. Iran is pursuing nukes. But the veep thinks “the climate crisis” — along with threats to “democracy,” i.e., voter-integrity laws, which she also cited — is one of our biggest national-security challenges. Maybe her goal is to make Biden seem less detached by comparison.

This claim

“There is a significant increase in the number of people coming to the border in the winter months of January, February, March. It happens every year.” — President Biden, March 25
An encampment of migrants at the border near Del Rio, Texas, on September 21, 2021.

We say: At the time, the surge at the border was greater than it usually is for those months, yet instead of dropping after March as Biden implied they would, the numbers only grew greater still. By October, the 1.7 million arrests at America’s southern border marked an all-time high.

We say: When New York Times science reporter Apoor­va Mandavilli posted this truly wacky tweet, more and more scientists, officials and even the media had already begun to admit the possibility that the COVID bug escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China. That’s now a leading theory — and it never had anything to do with racism.

This promise

“Most of the price increases we’ve seen are . . . expected to be temporary.” — President Biden, July 19
Biden claimed that inflation would be temporary back in July 2021.

We say: Once again, events zoomed in the exact opposition direction as Biden predicted. Instead of prices leveling off, they’ve been soaring faster than they have in decades.

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