Some In North Texas Rethinking NYE Plans Due To COVID-19 Case Surge


DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – As we approach New Year’s Eve, many people are changing their plans because of the ongoing increase in COVID-19 cases across North Texas.

The positivity rate in Texas is at an all-time high.

Some people are deciding to stay at home, but others said they’ll continue with their original plans.

“I would recommend to people to really plan to scale back your New Years, New Year’s Eve activities,” President CEO Dallas Forth Worth Hospital Council, Stephen Love said.

A firm message for North Texans ahead of another holiday.

Thursday, Dallas County has more than 1,400 new COVID-19 cases, Tarrant County reported more than 5,400 cases, Collin County has 470 cases and Denton with 370 new cases. Tarrant County includes case received since December 24.

“The virus itself, especially omicron is quite contagious,” Love said. “And the factor of how contagious is it, it’s some of the highest we’ve seen with coronavirus.”

This latest influx in cases has some Texans rethinking their New Year’s Eve plans.

“We usually travel, we like to go to some friends and family in Florida,” said visitor Jennys Salazar.

“We just decided to increase masks, that we will be here with my friend,” said Andrea Nedreao of Dallas.

Nedreao said she will be at home because the virus is spreading so quickly, and since her 10-year-old son just recovered from testing positive last week.

“I think we need to be safe. The thing is he just got a fever he didn’t have any other symptoms,” Nedreao said.

She isn’t only one with laid back plans.

“Popping fireworks, and cooking,” Coco Sullivan of Houston said.

“My mom is cooking brisket,” her friend Renee Finley said.

The pair from Houston said they’ve been out and about, but they’re playing it safe.

“COVID hasn’t stopped the party, but still trying to maintain safeness of course,” Sullivan said.

“Of course I know it’s there but it’s just like I can’t just cope up in the house and live in a bubble,” Finley said.

Many of the Texans CBS 11 spoke to said things were scarier in 2020, but now it’s become more of a lifestyle as they adjust plans so they can still have some type of fun, while staying safe.

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