Panama Lane deadly crash police reports tell different story than what Lisa Core told 17 News


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — 17 News sat down with Lisa Core in the downtown jail the morning after the Dec. 8 crash. In a 20-minute interview , she told us what she remembered from that day. But now, newly released police reports show a very different story.

Less than 24 hours after Core was arrested for driving under the influence, plowing through lanes of traffic and killing a brother and sister, she insisted she was sober when she took the wheel.

“I know I had a seizure cause I do have seizures,” she said. “I wasn’t under the influence, I wasn’t drunk, I don’t drink.”

Police reports paint a very different picture — one in which officers found the 46-year-old at the scene of the crash drowsy and slurring her words .

“I left my house to go to Kaiser Permanente to pick up my medications,” Core told 17 News.

Core told investigators she took the pills she picked up at the drugstore that day, according to court documents. She said she took three different medications all in the pharmacy parking lot about 30 minutes before the crash.

Core, who has two prior DUI convictions and pleaded not guilty at her arraignment a few weeks ago. Then, earlier this week, the Public Defender’s office withdrew from her case , delaying her return to court.

She’s now officially due back on Jan. 11. Core faces life in prison if convicted of charges including second-degree murder. She’s held without bail.

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Anthony Millard

oh she lied about being under the influence this ignorant shitball killed two people because she couldn't wait to get home before popping pils


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