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Pam Reed

This is ridiculous if you wear a mask and you’re vaccinated you are fine. If your auto immune then you need to get a different job. But we should not put our kids learning at home because teachers are afraid that same teacher will go into a restaurant and eat sitting close to people but isn’t afraid but then goes to school wear their social distancing wearing masks it’s just hypocritical and outrageous. How about nurses doctors there in hospitals they were masks teachers need to stop this nonsense if you really wanna teach get in there we are double masks wash your hands and teach the children


Again the 180 day/year don't want to do their jobs. Students are out of school more than they are in and teachers are still getting paid and want raises and bonuses. School is out at the end of May and they have been out 1 week for Thanksgiving and 2 weeks for winter break and now they want to be out for how long? Nobody knows and they will still be paid and Spring break in March or April.


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