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Do what you want. Democrats like segregating people. They did it after they lost the civil war by starting the KKK. Now they segregate by vax. They like categorizing and segregating in the name of tolerance and inclusion. They already forcing dual economies. One vaxxed and the other unvaxxed. Those of us who unvaxxed trade among ourselves, fish, hunt, grow fresh veggies and fruits together, eat together with healthy community. Those who are vaxxed are injected with the artificial mRNA venom. These people buy food with preservatives at KTA, Foodland, etc., dine out in fine restaurants eating food prepared with chemicals like Monosodium glutamate, and live in huge house Les built to stringent international building codes that still fall down and burn down in their artificially landscaped settings. Choose your side. Once you get injected, there’s no turning back.


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