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Yes, he lost his focus, but over a century in prison seemed a little much. There are people ruining the lives of our children with drugs, and being sexually a exploited. People who have deliberately commented murder are being placed on probation.

Mark Fowler

governor needed to make the adjustment so trucks would start running again through Colorado. all them truckers who went on strike n stopped driving into/through Colorado got what they was looking for

Ms. RatherUnique

That is so good. Serial killers and sex crime offenders didn't get the time he got. My heart still goes out to innocent victims' families that are mourning. This is what happens when you do things and it is done civilized, and organized. If his supporters would have took to the streets and burned down innocent people's properties and committed crimes while trying to get a certain agenda over, no one would have taken them seriously and he'd still be in jail right now for 110 years. BLM, you and your organizers need to take notes. All of the looting, and committing crimes while trying to push an agenda ended up with no change in legislation. The game changers that needed to take you seriously didn't take you seriously because of your actions. Oh, I forgot the CEO of BLM end up running off with the money and buying herself houses in areas where no black people live and stepping down. Anyway, let us not still forget about the victims but I am glad that he will be out a decade or earli


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