4 dead after driver fleeing arrest causes chain-reaction crash, sheriff says

WFTV Channel 9 Orlando
WFTV Channel 9 Orlando
4 dead after driver fleeing arrest causes chain-reaction crash, sheriff says

POLK COUNTY, Fla. — Four people have died after a speeding driver caused a deadly crash in Polk County.

Deputies said 35-year-old Riquelme Villar-Villalona of Poinciana was a fault for a four-vehicle crash Monday afternoon on Lake Hatchineha Road.

Detectives said Villar-Villalona crashed into the back of another driver who lost control and crashed into another car on the other side of the road.

Deputies said Villar-Villalona’s car also went airborne and hit a fourth vehicle after striking the first vehicle.

The roof was torn from Villar-Villalona’s car during the crash. He was ejected and instantly killed, according to a report.

Three people were killed during the crash and one victim died after they were taken to a hospital.

Deputies said Villar-Villalona may have been speeding because he was fleeing law enforcement after he allegedly beat and kidnapped his girlfriend.

The woman was later found to have been dropped off before the crash happened and she was taken to a hospital for treatment for cuts on her face, according to a report.

Deputies said they spotted Villar-Villalona’s car before the crash and attempted to pull him over but he sped off.

According to a report, the deputy did not pursue Villar-Villalona’s car and called in for assistance. The deputy later arrived at the crash and helped victims at the site.

“Had Villar-Villalona survived the crash, he would have been charged with abduction and aggravated battery charges for the first event, and numerous charges for the crash, the worst of which being three counts of vehicular homicide,” said Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd.

Officials said the crash investigation is ongoing.

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MinDee Lassiter - CrypticWolf44

Yet if the deputy had continued to chase him and attempt to physically stop him, the public would cry out he shouldn't have been chasing him... So heartbreaking that 3 innocents lost their lives because of him

Lorie Mancini

L.O. S. E..R. so very sorry to all decedent's and families of the victims. my heart actually aches for them and although I can't help anyone in anyway, please know that I would do anything to help if I only could because my pain is genuine and my emotions are real. I don't understand how we can even call this an accident, when the driver was basically in control and he deliberately intended to to as much harm as he could with what little time he knew he had left. yes, I believe he premeditated his own death and taking as many lives along with him. the more collateral damage, he leaves behind, the more his name will be remembered. I think we can be at peace knowing that each person that passed away, went quickly without pain as Jesus reached out his warm, inviting hand and they entered God's kingdom. may they all rest in peace.


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