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Melissa Barth

Lies! Listen the media and medical community has done nothing but lie for the last 2 years regarding this “pandemic”. The people have dissected everything that has been said and uncovered the wholes. This narrative is dying. We know the PCR tests are not designed to diagnose covid, the shots don’t work on stoping the spread or protecting those who got the shot from getting the virus. Masks have never worked to prevent the spread. Hospitals are not over capacity. And this is not a deadly virus because of it was we should have seen the homeless dead all over the place. Nothing you can say at this point is going to change the unvaccinated from running to get the shot. Why because we have been following other treatments, then tested these treatments and guess what IT WORKS! What your news organizations needs to start working on is building the confidence of the people who will make or break your organization. We don’t trust you. Everything that comes out of your organization i


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