Letter: Editor failed miserably in printing anti-vax letter

To the editor:

I am directing this message to whoever edits the letters to the editor. I am canceling my subscription solely due to the drivel you published from an anti-vaxxer.

That’s not how any of that data works and if you did any due diligence before publishing the letter from  “ you would know that. It made it clear that you have no journalistic standards.

Did you read it before publishing it? Did you see that they are using bad data and dumb math to suggest that the vaccine killed 200,000 people when it has killed hundreds at most? That’s OK to you?

I work in the pharmaceutical industry and reading that nonsense was like hearing my toddler explain how fairy dust works.

You have an ethical responsibility to stop the spread of false information during a pandemic. You have failed so miserably that I wonder why you became a journalist in the first place. Quit your job! Do it, right now!

Dylan Cashman

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