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Tired of Hardesty’s deep anger towards any hope we ALL have against any violent criminals causing harm to our people, businesses, economy etc….. she says defund the police which equals Martial law yet they don’t want us to have guns either so how will we get protection Ms. Hardesty….. just let people rob our stores which raises our prices, not having funds to find stolen vehicles and the protesters who are causing property damage and violence towards our towns people …… no consequences for them…. Catalytic converters stolen, gas drained from tanks, sex trafficking, minor traffic violations not tended to because that may be racial profiling……. Yet isn’t that a statement that people of color are less responsible just by saying they shouldn’t be pulled over for expired plates or a light out????? There are more responsible folks of any color that are responsible than not. Quit putting our friends of any color in a bad light. They deserve better than that. Ms. Hardesty you are a very angry

Dave Schleiger

didn't she make fake accusations about the cops. She should be sued instead of being the accuser .


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