System failure: 2-year-old dies after being returned to mother


SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Next week a Castlewood mother will be sentenced for the death of her toddler. Two-year-old Jorgie was pronounced dead at the hospital after being assaulted. Josephine Raymund pleaded guilty only to felony child abuse charges. Tonight, Jorgie’s foster parents are speaking out, saying this horrible tragedy didn’t have to happen at all.
Jorgie was assaulted and pronounced dead at Prairie Lakes Hospital in Watertown on June 2, 2020/Submitted Photo

Jorgie was a charming and vivacious little girl.

“Her life mattered. It mattered to us, it mattered to us, it mattered to her siblings. There’s a huge hole in people’s hearts,” Jon Fogarty said.

Foster parents remember 2-year-old who they say was failed by the system

Jon and Paula Fogarty are struggling after losing their foster child in such a horrific manner. The case against her mother, Josephine Raymundo, has received very little attention and more serious manslaughter charges against Raymundo have been dropped. The Fogarty’s have fostered many children, but they say there were red flags in this situation that were ignored.

“My fears were confirmed. We expose ourselves and open up our hearts and we have numerous times taken foster children in and as far as we know, everything has been a huge success, except for this situation.”

Jorgie Foster Father, Jon Fogarty

The Fogarty’s don’t want Jorgie to be forgotten.

Jon Fogarty: I want people to know that a sweet little girl’s life was taken. This particular little girl was sweeter than most kids. She was the most outgoing thing. And I can only imagine how sweet she is in heaven now. And as a matter of fact, the day we lost her, what was your response? What did you put on Facebook?
Paula Fogarty: That heaven gained an angel today. Heaven gained an angel today and that’s really how we feel.
Jon Fogarty: Anything we can do to celebrate her life. She was just a wonderful warm being.
Paula Fogarty’s Facebook post upon Jorgie’s death

Coming up tonight at 10 p.m., we look into Josephine Raymundo’s background and find out who else is charged in Jorgie’s death.

Plus, we see how the Fogarty’s warned authorities that something wasn’t right before Jorgie died.
Don’t miss our KELOLAND News investigation “A Little Girl Lost,” Thursday night at 10 p.m.

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Nicole Severtson

CPS in Sioux falls, South Dakota utterly failed my family as well ... to the point where they didn't even MEET or VISIT the abusers home and still were allowed to close BOTH cases opened against the abuser.. South Dakota cps has no idea the pain and suffering they have caused children because of their actions. Obviously South Dakota's legal system failed by allowing the mother to get off the hook many times as well..R.I.P little Angel, I hope this is a wake up call to take their cases more seriously at least.. but I highly doubt it, unfortunately.

Leigh Ellen Merritt

CPS IN SIOUX FALLS is abysmal ! They don't care about the children. all they care about is closing cases and getting the file off their desk! They are a disgrace and don't care about what is best for the children! They told me directly to my face that their goal is to reuniting the family period. Not what is best for the children just giving the children them back! They should be held responsible for what happened to this little girl! THEY MADE THE CHOICE to put that little girl back in that environment! This joke of a system needs to be completely dismantled and over hauled and those responsible held to the strictest laws allowed!!!

Irene Gee

Not only is the mother to be prosecuted but also the case manager & the supervisor be held accountable for this horrific tragedy. They ignored the concerns made by the foster parents.


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