High School Boys Choir Prepare To Sing In Front Of Thousands During Bears Halftime Show


CHICAGO(CBS) — One Chicago boys high school choir is making it big time this weekend. The choir is preparing to sing in front of thousands on a stage many of them could have never imagined.

CBS 2’s Steven Graves visited the boys at Leo Catholic High School.

“One, two, move it AND”

“Smiling! Come on, bend those knees! Your knees are younger than mine.”

This is how the Leo Catholic High School boys choir gets down.

“Move your legs, move your feet, move your body,” said Jakolbi Wilson, senior.

Perfecting their signature style of steps and songs at the school on Chicago’s South Side — even over the holiday break.

“Probably for about a month now,” Wilson said.

But this practice isn’t just for any performance.

“It was shock because it was like ‘This is a big deal’,” said Jamari Allen, senior.

“Nobody really looks at Leo as a big school, but this will put us on the map,” said Robert Smith, senior.

Taking the stage at a Chicago Bears halftime show. The team asked them to perform Sunday.

“Adrenaline. I’m going to be a little nervous,” said Coby Triplett, junior.

Soldier Field – their backdrop. The school has a history there. Playing in the largest attended high school football game ever there in 1937. Now, a shift from football moves to dance moves.

“On sports teams. I’ve always been the one to give energy.”

Senior Jamari Allen is a student leader in the choir. This moment especially hits hard with the football player.

“To be performing at one for my hometown and actually being a fan of the team,” Allen said.

The highlight for some of the boys is just stepping onto Soldier Field for the first time ever. What will also stick with them is the tough journey to get here, and the lessons learned behind that choir door.

“It lets you see that hard work pays off. All the times we were pulled out of class. You might get irritated over the song, but once you perform it. You see how fun it is,” Allen said.

Choir director Ladonna Hill has seen that hard work. Sometimes tough love – mostly fun that’s been non-stop. Saying now her boys are more than ready.

“You set the bar and they exceed it. They exceed it and I think that’s exciting,” Hill said.

Everyone is ready to hit the gridiron and hit the right notes.

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