Anthony Fauci Reprimands Parents Refusing to Get Their Kids Vaccinated: ‘It’s the Responsibility of the Parent to Protect Their Child’
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Sandy Tachell

Don't put NO guilt trips on parents about their children getting vaccinated, that's like a direct threat!! Why do you think you can threaten parents into their children getting a vaccine that doesn't work & has so many side effects!? Parents know what their children need instinctively!! leave the children alone, their immune system is very strong, unless the child has an underlying health problem their young immune system will handle the virus!! There is know way I would subject my child to your vaccine, it would be like a death sentence!! The biggest problem with all this is trust, the American people have lost trust in CDC, FDA & our government, Fauci can't give an honest answer to anything, nothing is consistent, he changes what he says every week, contradicting what he said a week ago!! lies!!


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