China Warns That the United States Will Pay a “Unbearable Price” for Its Actions on Taiwan.

Cover picture for the articleForeign Minister Wang Yi warned on Thursday that the United States would “pay an unbearable price” for its actions toward Taiwan’s self-rule. Human rights, trade, and technological competition have become major flashpoints in China-US relations in the last few years. Chinese officials have stated that they...

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William Turner

I think the United States needs to uncouple from China completely they are criminal country that does nothing but kill their own people and if they think for one minute they got a chance of ever beating the United States I think China better think twice they can show off all their military they want but they do not have what we have

George Lambright

I agree with most everything posted however we all seem to forget one thing. that is how our greedy corporations love China. they can build there shit there with cheap labor then ship it back to the United States for all of us to buy. look how Apple just signed a multi-billion dollar contract with the Chinese government to avoid trouble with them and pulled their business from Taiwan to give a Chinese company. Americans have to be willing to stand up to corporate America. stop buying Apple until they bring everything home. stop buying American made cars.

James Mullins

I believe the US should stop buying anything made in China. Let's make it where we have our own factories again! Lower taxes and more growth! We don't need China.


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