Meghan Markle Posed Just Like Princess Diana In Her First Photo With Daughter Lilibet

Cover picture for the articleWhen Meghan Markle and Prince Harry decided to share their very first photo of daughter Lilibet “Lili” Diana with the world, they did it on their own terms. The couple wore jeans, along with 2-year-old son Archie, and made the photo about their love for each other as a family. Much...

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Gael Sanders

I think she either wants people to love her as they did Diana (won't happen), or she wants to take Diana's place in the world as a much admired woman (that will never happen for her either, as there is only one Diana). She looks good, she talks well but something is sadly lacking. Maybe it's credibility. Too much Drama, too much stealing the limelight of others, it always has to be about her. She had a wonderful opportunity to succeed, but she's really put her foot in it....everyone is tired of both of them playing the victim all the time.

Stephanie H

She's out of her mind! 😂 someone needs to tell her, it's embarrassing to copy a dead princess who was an icon. I mean why? She should just continue to be herself and be a human being


She has him believing she’s lie Diana. Only problem is Rachel has a cruel cold heart and Diana was vibrant, loving and true to herself and others


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