Frederick County Sheriff’s Office Arrest Woman on Fentanyl Possession Related Charges

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The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office Pro-Active Criminal Enforcement (PACE) Team recently detained and charged Amanda Nicole Weddle, age 32, from Middletown, Maryland, for 10 counts of possession of and dealing “large amounts” of fentanyl and possession of crack cocaine and paraphernalia.

On Dec. 23, PACE Team members observed Weddle in a vehicle leaving a local Sheetz and travel on Interstate 70 eastbound toward Baltimore. A few hours later, PACE Team members observed Weddle in the same vehicle traveling westbound on Interstate 70 back toward Frederick.

A PACE Team member conducted a traffic stop at the intersection of Route 85 and Francis Scott Key Drive on the vehicle that Weddle was in. During the traffic stop and investigation, Weddle admitted to dealing fentanyl seized on a prior Dec. 15 traffic stop. She also admitted to currently possessing fentanyl and crack cocaine on her person that she just purchased in Baltimore.

Weddle admitted to traveling to Baltimore either daily or every other day in order to obtain drugs that she distributes in the Frederick area upon her return. The PACE Team member found Weddle in possession of 10 grams of suspected fentanyl and 3.5 grams of suspected crack cocaine.

Current Maryland law states that possessing over 5 grams of fentanyl qualifies as possessing a “large amount.” Deputies transported Weddle to the Frederick County Adult Detention Center and her charges include:

• -CDS Possession of a Large Amount (Fentanyl)

• -CDS Distribute Narcotic (Fentanyl)

• -2 x CDS Possession with Intent to Distribute Narcotic (Fentanyl)

• -CDS Possession with Intent to Distribute Narcotic (Crack Cocaine)

• -2 x CDS Possession of Fentanyl

• -CDS Possession of Crack Cocaine

• -2 x CDS Possession of Paraphernalia

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