These Before And After Pics Of Megan Fox Are INSANE—What Did She Do To Her Face?

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Fans probably won’t be too surprised to discover that Megan Fox’s face is a lot different than it used to be at the start of her career. Although the 35-year-old Johnny And Clyde actress has, even to this day, never admitted to going under the knife or having any non-surgical procedures done, it’s hard to ignore that her face has changed quite dramatically over the years.

The Transformers actress has always tried to keep her suspected plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures a secret, which is why she tried very hard to shield her face when she was papped leaving the Diamond Face Institute in Beverly Hills just a few weeks ago. Her lips appeared to be swollen in the pap pictures taken while she was on the way back to her car, which led fans to speculate that she had even more lip fillers added to her already very plump pout. Back in 2010, the actress confirmed to Allure that she had not had any work done to her lips, stating, “you can clearly see that my lips are my lips,” but twelve years later, it’s clear to see that that is no longer the case.

Lip and cheek fillers

It’s not just her lips that have contributed to Megan’s extremely different face, as it’s believed that her current appearance can largely be attributed to a combination of lip and cheek fillers, since her lips and cheeks literally look fuller. Let’s start with the lips. Megan used to have a much thinner top lip at the start of her career, which is very different to her top lip in 2021. It is much plumper and almost identical in size to her bottom lip, and it’s been widely speculated that this has been achieved with lip fillers.

As Megan has much fuller cheeks than she used to, the rumors that she may have had cheek fillers and even cheek implants to achieve a plumper and more contoured face don’t seem too far-fetched. Especially as some people believe that the actual implant is visible in some extreme close ups of the Jennifer’s Body actress. Fans do actually believe that she may have had some of her filler dissolved in very recent months, to look ever so slightly more natural, but there is still an extremely stark contrast between her early 00s face and her 2021 face.

Has Megan Fox had a nose job?

Although Megan was always a natural beauty, the woman crowned FHM’s Sexiest Woman in the World back in 2008 is believed to have undergone rhinoplasty around the same time, to subtly change the appearance of her nose. Most of us would have been very happy with Megan's original nose, but side by side pictures of her nose from the early 2000s to the late 2000s show that her nose is much thinner, more defined, and no longer features a vertical dent in the middle.

It's even more noticeable when before and after side profile pictures are examined. Although the change in the tip of the nose could be achieved non-surgically with the use of filler, the much thinner shape can usually only be achieved by going under the knife. We wonder if Megan will ever confess to having a nose job...

Botox, brow lifts, and other recent procedures

Like most other A-listers, we think Megan may have had Botox at least once or twice in her life. But that's only the beginning! There is a huge difference in her face from the start of her career to her face from just a few years ago; but in the past few years alone – perhaps even since the world went into lockdown during the pandemic – Megan's face has changed *even* more if you can believe it! Due to Megan's eyes appearing more narrow and more uplifted, fans and industry experts have speculated that she could have had a brow lift (as well as eyebrow hair transplant surgery similar to the one Chrissy Teigen told her fans about last month), to explain the difference in the shape and position of her eyes, as well as the fullness of the brows themselves.

Has Megan had a face lift?

Megan's lower jaw appears fuller in recent pictures, which could be achieved from a fat transfer, although most of the signs are pointing to the actress possibly having a ponytail face lift, akin to the one Ariana Grande was rumored to have had. We can't say for sure, but several industry experts have hinted that her 2021 face is showing all the signs of the ponytail/endoscopic face lift (and even a ponytail neck lift!) which younger celebs tend to get to change their appearance rather than reverse the signs of ageing like older patients might want to achieve with a traditional face lift. Will Megan ever confess to any of these alleged procedures? We're not counting on it anytime soon, but stranger things have happened!

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Nan Casanova

a few more surgeries and she'll become the cat lady she's already starting to take the shape. keep going you used to be naturally so beautiful now you're just like the rest

Tatiana Taylor-Deveraux

Please God let this ridiculous eyebrow phase end soon. Who knew we could even make eyebrows look so fake?


She looked a lot better before she started messing around with all of the esthetics.


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