Dodgers: There's No Time Frame in Trevor Bauer's Legal Situation

Inside The Dodgers
Inside The Dodgers

When it comes to the 2022 campaign, one of the most asked questions for Dodgers fans is what will become of starting pitcher Trevor Bauer . He's in his second year of a three-year, $102 million contract, but he was put on paid administrative leave last season after accusations of sexual assault prompted MLB to suspend him for the remainder of the second half.

Because the Pasadena Police Department conducted an investigation, the Los Angeles County district attorney has findings on hand. And it's been like this since August 27th. Now we're four months later, and nothing has changed.

A recent article by Brittany Ghiroli of The Athletic addresses one of the key concerns — is there any timetable for the DA?

None. The only comment the DA’s office will give is the case remains “under review.” … Multiple sources indicated Bauer’s case won’t be decided one way or the other until at least January and it has little, if anything, to do with the holiday.

Bauer has already successfully contested a temporary restraining order against him as part of these claims, but the restraining order outcome does not necessarily prohibit him from being charged with criminal offenses related to the two encounters .

Regardless of what happens with the DA's inquiry , Bauer may face MLB discipline as well, depending on the findings of the league's independent probe.

Even if the DA does not bring charges, the league may still issue a suspension to the pitcher, which he will undoubtedly challenge. If the DA does not bring criminal charges against him AND MLB does not suspend him, the LA front office will be left to determine how to go forward and the Dodgers must proceed with caution.

If the club decides to have Bauer return to the starting rotation, there will be a lot of controversy. Additionally, there’s no telling what a return would mean for a Dodger clubhouse that was rumored to have soured on the veteran.

The longer the DA takes to arrive at a decision, the less time the team will have to know what its options are player-wise and payroll-wise for 2022. Friedman has stated as much while trying to steer away from Bauer inquiries . Currently, the Dodgers owe him $32 million in salary for next season.

At any rate, until club owners end the lockout , MLB won't be able to do anything.

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