Termination of unvaccinated health care workers backfires as Biden pledges help amid COVID surge

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articlePresident Biden is deploying military doctors and health care workers to bolster hospitals amid the spike in omicron variant cases. But in the last few months, thousands of health care workers across the nation have been terminated over refusing to comply with vaccine mandates, leaving health care providers in the lurch...

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Brandon is such a failure in all areas. He has ruined the country. His side hustle Harris would be even worse...and third in line Pelosi is dooms day waiting to happen! We are screwed.....

Kyle Lucky

the leftist squad begging the American people to trust the science. . Natural immunity is better than vaccines. NO!! NOT THAT SCIENCE. There are only two genders, male and female. NO!! NOT THAT SCIENCE EITHER. States with more mandates and restrictions are actually doing worse with covid. NO!! NO!! NOT THAT SCIENCE EITHER!!!!!!! The vaccinated can and do still spread covid. THAT'S TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE, FOLLOW THE SCIENCE. As long as the "science " fits the narrative like a glove.

Patricia Richardson

One blunder after another. The CDC needs an overhaul and government officials should face legal action when they operate medicine without a license.


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